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What is a Brand Audit, and Why do I Need One?

A brand audit is a thorough evaluation of an organization’s brand, both internally and externally. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, inconsistencies, and disconnects that could be affecting the brand’s performance. A brand audit allows companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their brand, evaluate its performance at all touchpoints, and identify areas that need improvement.

Touchpoints and Consistency

Touchpoints are where a brand interacts with its audiences and where branding activities take place. Our experiences with touchpoints shape our perceptions of the brand. As a business grows, its brand interacts with people in more places, making it challenging to ensure consistent touchpoint experiences that create the right impressions.

Consistency is critical for creating a strong, enduring brand. When you look at successful brands, you’ll notice their visual image and messaging are always current, consistent and cohesive. From their use of logos, colours, fonts and photos to the voice and tone of their content, they ensure their image is portrayed correctly at all touchpoints. They also ensure staff interactions and behaviour align with their brand promise, creating trust and driving customer loyalty. Brands like McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks consistently deliver the same touchpoint experiences, regardless of location or franchise owner.

Maintaining consistency is essential for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors and forge lasting connections with their audiences.

Brand Blind Spots

Many business owners, especially in the B2B world overlook the importance of understanding how their brand is perceived in the market and by their own employees. This lack of awareness can lead to blind spots and missed opportunities for growth. They may assume that as long as they are making sales and not receiving complaints, their brand is strong. However, conducting a brand audit can help identify areas for improvement and provide valuable insights to enhance brand performance.

Why Take Chances?

Inconsistencies or disconnects in a brand can significantly affect people’s perceptions. For instance, inconsistencies in business cards, administrative documents, letterheads, logos, and signage may raise concerns over a company’s attention to detail. Attitudes and behaviour of staff during customer interactions may also vary, leading to confusion and frustration. A brand audit can help identify these issues and provide a plan for getting back on track.

Insight is Key

At Evolution, our brand audit evaluates whether a business’s materials, content, and people are aligned with their brand goals. It assesses all touchpoints and provides a blueprint for the brand by compiling an inventory of the content and materials used. Our brand audit services evaluate the following areas critical to developing, managing, and evolving your brand:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Culture
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Standards

For businesses looking to develop their brand into a competitive weapon and dominate their market, a brand audit is the first step in the process. It provides a clear picture of the brand’s inner workings and what is needed to achieve branding goals. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and ensure consistency across all touchpoints?

Contact Evolution today to schedule a brand audit and gain insights critical to successfully developing, managing, and evolving your brand. Don’t leave your brand’s success to chance – take the first step towards strengthening your brand today

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